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Why We 🥰 Kim Mangone!

Kevin McCarthy is unhinged, incompetent and totally subservient to Donald Trump - but that's just recently.

In 2016 Kevin stated that he believed that two people in the USA were on the Kremlins payroll...

Dana Rohrabacher and Donald Trump

So why did Kevin turn around and become a talking billboard for lies and the Trump campaign? What did Kevin do that made him abandon his constituents & Country? Well... let's find out after we get rid of him in 2020!

Why Kim?

"I am a Democratic candidate running for Congress in California's 23rd District because I believe we need a representative who will fight for the people in our district."

Kim Mangone is a United States Air Force veteran, an aircraft mechanic and systems engineer. She describes herself as a former single working mom, who got her degree while working full-time.

“I know what it means to work hard, to fight hard and go after what you want”.

Learn More at www.mangoneforcongress.com