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Why We 🥰 Jessica Cisneros!

It's time to elect a Democrat in South Texas who’ll fight for all of us, not side with 
Donald Trump and big corporate donors.

Jessica was born and raised in the border town of Laredo, Texas. As a kid, she saw 
families like hers torn apart by broken policies made by Congress. She saw her 
parents struggle to keep a small business afloat, while politicians in Washington 
protected large corporations and a broken immigration system divided her 

Jessica’s opponent, Henry Cuellar, voted with Trump almost 70% of the time -- 
despite the fact that our district voted for Hillary Clinton over Trump by an 
overwhelming 20 point margin in 2016. Cuellar is Trump’s favorite Democrat. It’s 
time for a change.

Jessica is committed to serving her community and fighting on behalf of justice 
and the disenfranchised. Her opponent, Henry Cuellar, is fighting to protect 
Republicans and big corporate donors.

Learn More at www.jessicacisnerosforcongress.com