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Why We 🥰 Brigid Callahan Harrison!

Jeff Van Drew was elected as a Blue Dog Democrat to flip New Jersey, and he's now switched to Team Trump. Let's make sure Jeff is a one-term chump and finds himself unwelcome in New Jersey come 2020. Elect Brigid Callahan Harrison (D) for Congress! 

Brigid is a political science professor, political analyst, mother, and longtime New Jersey Second Congressional District resident, Brigid Callahan Harrison literally wrote the book on American government and democracy -- American Democracy Now. It’s why she knew she had to stand up when she saw how Congressman Jeff Van Drew put his own personal political interests over his oath to the Constitution and the people who elected him in South Jersey.

Now Brigid is running for Congress to fight for what’s right — greater access to quality, affordable health care, investment in infrastructure, relief for families facing crippling student loan and vocational school debt, making sure we get corporate special interest money out of our politics. While Jeff Van Drew only looks out for himself in Washington, Brigid will always put South Jersey first. She’ll never put politics over country.

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